What is PRP and How Can It Be Used?

To enhance the skin, we utilize PRP (platelet rich plasma). PRP is an exciting new technology embraced and used by physicians in a variety of specialties to address many areas of the body. Hair growth, collagen, and other tissues are enhanced with this process.

The Science

PRP is a substance rich trophic factor that significantly improves the method of delivering essential growth factors to a variety of areas which substantially enhances the induction of collagen and other factors of trophic growth. PRP is a very simple method for delivering these factors to help rejuvenate your appearance.

Platelets necessary for blood clotting in our bodies contain an extremely rich store of platelet growth factors which are released to the tissues, influencing the physiology of that area in a very positive manner. This means the cellular growth is stimulated by stem cells and other factors. These factors can be either introduced through micro needling or other injection methods. Hair growth, collagen, and other tissues are enhanced with this process.

The Procedure

PRP can be introduced either through needling, using the needle point method or by injection. It has a wide variety of utilization, both aesthetically and reconstructively. It can be used to augment defects of the skin or a scar or can be used to tighten and enhance the face as an injectable skin “facelift appearance.” All of these methods begin with the basic science of the platelet.

It requires the drawing of blood which is spun down to layer out the areas where the platelets, plasma, and blood cells. This then can be harvested and used for injection, application or penetration. Penning is a very effective means of delivery with low risk and little if any pain.

Learn More

The Hiebert Center has employed this aesthetic method successfully with numerous patients, and the physicians can use it to the appropriate application based on the problem presented. This service can be obtained either through fee-for-service methods or our Aesthetic Wellness Concierge program. Contact us today to learn more: (816) 941-6226. E-mail: office (at) Hiebertcenter.com.