Ask Dr. Hiebert and Dr. McPhee…

Q: I am concerned about weight gain. Do I need to buy special foods to lose weight?

A: In the first part of the year, following our characteristic weight gain during the holidays, we see a barrage of advertisements from various companies selling food products to help with weight loss. Weight management can be cyclic, as is so often the case where you buy special food, lose weight, go off the food and regain the weight. Another option is a lifestyle change which will allow you to simply change your diet habits in an effort to seek a more permanent way of maintaining your healthful nutritional state and your ideal weight.

Again, special foods are one way to achieve weight loss, but it is a temporary method of dealing with weight management. Weight management is best adjusted to your own genetics, hormones and G.I. ecology, which can be tested here at the Hiebert Center. From that, an idealized way of eating can be designed to suit your individual needs.

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