Supplements for a Healthier Life — Buy One, Get One 50% Off!

The Hiebert Center for Healthy Aging’s mission is simple: to help you age without enduring the diseases of aging. We want you to maximize your potential without getting sick as you grow older. Our science-based programs operate under the understanding that sickness and disease are optional.

Ask yourself:

  • How Do I Look?
  • How Do I Feel?
  • How Do I Function?
  • How Do I Find Balance in My Life?

These are the areas the Hiebert Center can address by taking stock of your unique genetics and helping you create a lifestyle best suited for you.


One way we help create a unique program for you is to determine which (if any) supplements are best for you. And for a limited time, in addition to your free first consultation, we are offering our quality supplements with special savings; buy one, get one for 50% off! Contact us today for your first appointment and to learn what we can do to help you save on supplements.

Focus on living your life–not fighting an illness. Click here or call 816.941.6226 today.