Integrative Medicine and You: The Best of Both Worlds

Modern doctors are crafting their practices around functional, integrative medicine. But what does that mean and how is it good for patients? In a best-case scenario, it means practicing in an office that replicates a home environment, far away from the industrialized, insurance-driven anonymity of hospitals and health centers.

Patients get the best of both worlds with an integrative medicine approach, where patients and everyone directly involved in maintaining their health (including any or all health practitioners and healers) become partners in fostering a culture of wellness, healthy behaviors and disease prevention in support of each patient. This often means combining trained, board certified, experienced physicians with practitioners from all healing approaches and disciplines for the benefit of patients, based on their preferences.

Clear communication and coordination among all parties involved in the healing environment is key – and, again, directed by the wishes of the patient. The goal is to provide personalized, individualized and compassionate care to help patients look, feel and live their best every day. Physicians and staff aim to encompass elements from mainstream, science-based medicine coupled with complementary/alternative healing approaches as desired and appropriate to each patient’s circumstances and needs.

The Whole Patient

An integrative medicine approach is “the whole patient,” both full-range and comprehensive, incorporating family and relationship supports whenever possible to sustain wellness in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, aesthetic, dietary, exercise, legal, and other appropriate spheres. The health goals of each individual patient will be addressed in a compassionate, caring fashion.

Visits with physicians and staff should never feel rushed. Allotting enough time to realistically deal with often complex patient issues and concerns is a key to a successful integrative medicine approach.  Experienced physicians and medical practices will partner with patients in the development and enactment of a comprehensive, individualized healthy aging and aesthetics plan aimed at balance and satisfaction over the ups and downs of the entire course of life. In the best cases, a concierge or a’ la carte’ payment model can simplify the business side of the doctor-patient relationship by creating an ongoing, predictable exchange.

The physicians and staff at the Hiebert Center practice functional, integrative medicine to enrich the lives of patients.

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