Human beings have searched for the fountain of youth for as long as there has been written history. Indeed, though we have doubled our life expectancy over the past century, the result can often be misery from age-related diseases including cancer, arthritis, memory loss, heart and organ failure and numerous neurological issues.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could avoid these diseases and enjoy healthy aging to reduce this inevitable scourge and the life limitations of age-induced illness?

There’s Hope

Through the new and exciting Nobel Prize recognition of the specific mechanisms controlling the aging clock, we can measure factors such as the mutations responsible for poor health. We can then treat, reduce or eliminate many threats to health, restoring vigor as we grow older to reduce your biological age well below your chronological age.

At the Hiebert Center, we believe your health is the most important investment you can make for yourself. Our experts are committed to helping you discover the amazing benefits of age management.

We have two areas of focus:

Healthy Aging

This area includes:

  • Nutrition, for health and weight management
  • Fitness. Our DNA testing will reflect the most effective forms of exercise for your unique genetics.
  • Stress management. This is extremely important in today’s exposure to environmental, career and lifestyle stress.
  • Inflammatory Disease. Identification and treatment of inflammatory diseases is a crucial component of your overall health.

Aesthetic Wellness

This emphasizes treatment of aesthetic age-related factors which affect the skin and overall body appearance.

  • Skin management.
  • Body Shape.
  • Healthy Attractiveness.

A menu of skin care products designed to treat factors of skin aging as well as procedures to enhance body shape is available for your consideration.

Wellness Vs. Treatment of Disease

Today’s medical insurance system only recognizes the assessment and treatment of diseases–not prevention. The Hiebert Center, in an effort to reduce patient cost, has developed a concierge plan for both Healthy Aging and Aesthetic Wellness programs. For one annual fee, we include all professional services with large discounts in the cost of products and some service procedures. This is a renewable annual program that definitely provides value. We also offer an a la carte system for those who prefer only select services.

The fountain of youth? No. However, we do believe you will achieve magnificent benefits from this investment in your health. We will stand by you and adjust your treatment to your particular needs and desires. All it takes is your first consultation, free of charge.

Contact us today, and let’s get started on a healthy new you!

John M. Hiebert, MD, FACS, FACN