Advantages of Hormone Replacement Therapy

The mechanisms of aging have been well defined in the last few years, with the recognition and measurement of abnormal hormone levels vigorously studied.  The good news is, now we have the ability to balance the hormones of your body, no matter your age, with hormone therapy.

Your hormones can be measured in a number of ways. The most consistent, comprehensive and accurate measurement is 24-hour urine collection. Together, with your genetic profile, this can be used in formulating the specifics of your hormone replacement program.  Also, hormone balance can be achieved in the premenopausal patient to avoid the symptoms before menopause.

Proper hormone replacement therapy will be carried out utilizing bioidentical hormones.  The advantage of bioidentical hormone therapy has been studied and is shown to be far superior to synthetic hormone therapy.

Hormone therapy is helpful in preventing heart disease, memory loss, osteoporosis and other factors. Estrogen and testosterone both have many functions.  Adrenal metabolism and thyroid levels of T4 and T3, all can be measured with the collection of 24-hour urine tests. These measures, together with your genetic profile, will influence how your therapy is carried out.

We Can Help

The extensively advanced trained physicians at the Hiebert Center have prescribed hormone replacement therapy for more than a decade. Hormone therapy can be tested for, managed and prescribed through our Concierge for Healthy Aging System. Fee-for-service payments are also available.

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