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About Us

Our passion is helping you
live longer … and better.

About Us

Our passion is helping you live longer … and better.

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The Hiebert Center for Healthy Aging offers innovative, integrated, individualized wellness programs designed to turn back the biological clock of life and help you look, feel and age your very best.


Aging, and the diseases it can bring, begins at the cellular level. At the Hiebert Center, we measure three essential age-related factors in order to neutralize the issues and preserve healthy DNA to effectively reduce age-related disease. Our methods can help you live longer … and better.


We will tailor a comprehensive, health-promoting treatment plan just for you, which may combine aspects from both traditional and functional medicine, including holistic, alternative practices where and when appropriate. It all begins with a complimentary consultation during which we’ll discuss your personal goals and concerns. Your unique plan may include cell-defending techniques, nutrition, fitness, natural hormone replacement, methods to reduce chronic inflammation, supplement replacement and aesthetic skin care. We will also consult with your other physicians and healthcare practitioners to ensure every aspect of your care works in perfect harmony.


Our practice is fairly unique to the greater Kansas City area. We embrace this model because it gives us the freedom to spend as much time with our patients as we (not an insurance company) deem necessary. This allows us the freedom to prescribe and deliver a higher level of personalized care spanning traditional and restorative medicine. For a flat yearly fee, you’ll have access to our physicians and practice, as often as you need.




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Dr. Hiebert’s passion for working with patients to help them lead healthy, enriched lives well into their golden years resulted in the founding of the Hiebert Center for Aging and Aesthetic Wellness. Throughout his career, Dr. Hiebert pioneered research and discoveries that give him unique insight into the concepts of healthy aging and aesthetic wellness. He continues to innovate new ways of thinking about aging, utilizing advanced cellular and genetic research and medical protocols to help patients look and feel good throughout their lives. The emphasis on wellness which will enhance aesthetic appearance and realistic enduring confidence, along with personalized care tailored to the individual, is a cornerstone of his philosophy.

Dr. Hiebert is a fourth-generation physician with decades of experience as a practicing plastic surgeon, professor, and researcher. He trained and conducted research at some of the world’s most prestigious medical schools, including Boston University, Harvard University, and MIT. Dr. Hiebert carried out groundbreaking studies in metabolism, insulin physiology and nutrition, with a focus on insulin physiology in stress and shock. This is just some of his research work which includes the study of perception and psychology of patient physical appearance. This integrates his comprehensive understanding of patients at the Hiebert Center. Dr. Hiebert is an innovative, respected leader in the medical profession and the recipient of honors including the prestigious President’s Award by the American Society of Plastic Surgery and numerous distinguished lectureships.


JILL D. HIEBERTProgram Manager & Officer
A native of northern Iowa, Jill attended college at Crown College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Following this, she trained in Cosmetology and Skin Aesthetics and practiced her profession in Iowa. She carried out medical specialty care, specializing in Wound Care for nearly 20 years while in Kansas City. More recently, she trained and attained her licensure as a nursing assistant at Johnson County Community College. This was followed by completion of a Fellowship and certification in Health Care Coaching at the University of Southern Florida. She is a member of the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and joined the Hiebert Center in 2014 as a health care coach and financial manager. She has serves as administrator and officer of the Hiebert Center.

Jill is married and the mother of three adult children and four grandchildren.

COMING SOONDirector of Sales & Patient Relations
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COMING SOONHuman Resources & Finance Director
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Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.

Betty Friedan

Longevity is only desirable if it increases the duration of youth, not that of old age.

Alexis Carrel


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